Berkeley Data Science Panel 2016

In recent years, universities and educational institutions have been unable to update their syllabi in tune with the high speed changes taking place in the world of technology. Even entry-level jobs nowadays in industry, though not "require", still seem to prefer a PhD degree or extensive experience, leaving new undergraduates very difficult to make themselves to onsites and beyond. Berkeley Data Science Panel 2016 brings you 5 pioneer data scienctists from the industry to share insights and give suggestions to job seekers, bridging the gap between academics and industry. This year's event will be held at Sibley Auditorium, 1pm to 5pm, December 3rd 2016.

Berkeley Data Science Forum 2016

Data Science Society at Berkeley (DSSB), supported by the Berkeley Institute of Data Science , aims to create a cross-campus Data Science learning platform for interested students and provide them with the best possible resources for success. This year, besides hosting various projects and research, we will host an annual Data Science Forum with expected audience size of 800 at UC Berkeley on Saturday April 23rd, 2016, with 12 data science leaders from the most innovative companies at Bay Area.