Who We Are

Founded in early 2016, Data Science Society at Berkeley (DSSB) is the first and only undergraduate data science group at UC Berkeley. Our mission is to foster a community of data science interests at UC Berkeley, and give the students best possible resources to strive for success.

Our Events

We provide valuable learning and networking opportunities for our members through a wide range of events and extensive collaboration with other communities in US universities and Silicon Valley Companies.We will be hosting Berkeley Data Forum - Data Without Borders at Wheeler Auditorium at April 23th 2016. 12 speakers from the most innovative companies in the Bay Area will speak about the power of data science.

Our Projects

We host a series of data science projects, ranging from in-house campus-oriented projects, graduate student researchers to groups participating in Kaggle Competitions. Memebers are also free to initiate their own data science projects, and DSSB is the best place to find partners.


Outreach Committee

Under the supervision of VP of Sponsorship and Outreach and VP of Marketing, members will aid with efforts to reach out to and network with organizations outside the UC Berkeley campus for opportunities for collaboration and resources. In addition, members will aid with creatively marketing DSSB to the general student and public audience to ensure accessibility to all interested parties.

Operational Committee

Under the supervision of VP of Internal Affairs and VP of Technology, members will aid with the operational side of the organization. These tasks include planning and organizing events, socials, and meetings. In addition, members will aid with reconstructing and updating our current website to ensure easy website usability.

Academic Development Committee

Under the supervision of VP of External Affairs, members will aid in maintaining relationships and initiating collaborations between DSSB and organizations within the UC Berkeley campus. Members also help teach data science workshops throughout the semester such as SQL, Python, and R.

Our Team

Leo Li President

B.A. Statistics & Film Studies

Jerry Chen Vice President of External Affairs

B.A. Statistics

Lilian Duong Vice President of Internal Affairs

B.A. Congitive Science

Nikki Shen Vice President of Sponsorship and Outreach

B.A. Computer Science

Rose Zhao Vice President of Marketing

B.A. Statistics & Computer Science

Junyu Wang Vice President of Technology

B.A. Computer Science


Mark Yu Former Co-President

B.A Statistics & Computer Science

Vincent Zuo Former Co-President

B.A Mathematics & Computer Science

Lily Li Former Vice President of Marketing

B.A. Statistics

Nir Mate-Solomon Former Vice President of Social Affairs

B.A. Cognitive Science & Computer Science